Great Information About Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Virginia is a city on the Virginia shore, known for its impressive, decades old tourist economy, though other sectors such as military and agriculture are also major factors in the region’s economy. Located towards the very most southeastern point in the state of Virginia, the city bares a number of distinctions of some interest to visitors. Among these distinctions is being the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is currently the longest bridge-tunnel complex on the planet. Additionally, the city’s reputation for tourism is handily explained by its distinction of being the longest pleasure beach not only in the United States but across the entire globe.

The city is an independent city, which has several miles of beaches along the city’s oceanfront, along with a large number of motels, restaurants, and hotels catering to the visitors. In recent years, a sizable convention center has also been added to the city’s economy, bringing in more tourists as the years wear on and convention center’s reputation increases. The city also hosts two annual events of note. The first is the East Coast Surfing Championships, a surfing competition that many of the most impressive surfers in the United States eagerly participate in. The second is the North American Sand Soccer Championship, a less publicized event that none the less brings out a great deal of passion in aficionados of beach soccer.

The city also hosts a wide range of historic sites, most notably the site of the first landing of English colonists in North America and the later establishment of the ultimately doomed settlement of Jamestown. For those with a taste for the unusual, the city also hosts the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, one of the most prominent organizations studying claims of psychic phenomenon.

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