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Virginia Beach, Virginia is a city on the Virginia shore, known for its impressive, decades old tourist economy, though other sectors such as military and agriculture are also major factors in the region’s economy. Located towards the very most southeastern point in the state of Virginia, the city bares a number of distinctions of some interest to visitors. Among these distinctions is being the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is currently the longest bridge-tunnel complex on the planet. Additionally, the city’s reputation for tourism is handily explained by its distinction of being the longest pleasure beach not only in the United States but across the entire globe.

The city is an independent city, which has several miles of beaches along the city’s oceanfront, along with a large number of motels, restaurants, and hotels catering to the visitors. In recent years, a sizable convention center has also been added to the city’s economy, bringing in more tourists as the years wear on and convention center’s reputation increases. The city also hosts two annual events of note. The first is the East Coast Surfing Championships, a surfing competition that many of the most impressive surfers in the United States eagerly participate in. The second is the North American Sand Soccer Championship, a less publicized event that none the less brings out a great deal of passion in aficionados of beach soccer.

The city also hosts a wide range of historic sites, most notably the site of the first landing of English colonists in North America and the later establishment of the ultimately doomed settlement of Jamestown. For those with a taste for the unusual, the city also hosts the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, one of the most prominent organizations studying claims of psychic phenomenon.

Virginia Beach man gets 13 years for drugging, prostituting a minor


Joshua Manuel Treat

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A Virginia Beach man was sentenced today to 13 years in prison for drugging and prostituting a 14-year-old girl, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

20-year-old Joshua Manuel Treat pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of children on February 24.

Court documents said from September 26 to October 12, 2016, Treat posted Jane Doe, a 14-year-old girl, on an Internet website and advertised her for prostitution.

In order to make Jane Doe more amenable to prostitution, Treat would inject Jane Doe with heroin prior to her appointments with customers, the DOD said.

When Treat was arrested, he was found with a handgun and a syringe containing heroin residue.


Jury indicts Virginia Beach man for sex trafficking of a child, producing child porn

Plea agreement hearing Thursday for Virginia Beach man indicted on child sex trafficking charges

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Virginia Beach Town Center could be growing, redeveloping

Courtesy of Armada Hoffler Properties

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Development company Armada Hoffler Properties proposed some big changes for Virginia Beach Town Center this week.

First, the company proposed a new City Hall in the heart of Town Center saying “Our vision for City Hall, to be prominently showcased as both an eminent and seamlessly integrated civic partner of Town Center, will be the catalyzing project to initiate the next phase of business and economic development through a fruitful public-private partnership with the city.”

City officials have been talking about moving city hall from its current location, citing asbestos issues, as well as mechanical and electrical problems with the building.

Armada Hoffler has proposed significant changes to the area around Town Center, the proposal says. City Hall would be built where the existing Regal Cinema movie theater sits. The theater would move across the street.

Along with the development of City Hall, Armada Hoffler has proposed an area called Columbus Village which would have mixed-use private development with retail, multifamily housing and office space.

Additionally, parking would be restructured. The company said they estimated the project would require around 1,200 parking spaces.

The expected range for the project would be approximately $100 million.

The project is laid out in four phases.

Phase one – Relocate and rebuild Bed Bath and Beyond

Phase two – Relocate and rebuild Regal Cinema, new parking deck and retail, new office building

Phase three – New City Hall, new parking deck and retail, new hotel

Phase four – New multi-family apartments

The date ranges on all four phases begin on October 2, 2017 and are scheduled to be competed by December 15, 2021, according to the proposal.

All of this remains just a proposal. City council will get more information about the idea in June.

Click here to read the entire proposal.

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Suspected Virginia Beach arsonist caught on surveillance cameras

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Home surveillance cameras captured an act of arson in a Green Run neighborhood.

In the video you can see one person slowly walk across Rembrandt Court to a home on the other side of the road. Minutes later flames take over the front of the home, where Wayne Diveris was inside with his family.

"When I came down it had already grown above the bay window," Diveris explained. "I just thank God that I was able to put it out before it got too high for me to actually put out."

Diveris said his wife was the one who alerted him to the flames.

"She found out that the outside shingles of the house were actually on fire. She came up and woke up everyone."

According to fire investigators, the person seen in the video slowly walking away from the home, is likely the person responsible for lighting the home on fire just before midnight on April 17.

The family told News 3 they only found about their neighbor’s surveillance video a few days ago.

They said they have no idea who the person in the footage is. The family also said they have no idea why they would want to set their home on fire, potentially injuring or even killing them.

"Since we keep to ourselves we don`t have any company coming over or anything of that nature here it kind of bewilders us," explained Diveris. "With the way that our front door and stair case are, had the front of the house caught on fire no one would have been able to get out of the front. I would have had to force everyone to try and escape from the rear."

With the accused arsonist is still on the loose, the family had to take some protective measures in order to feel safe again in their own home.

"After living here for four years, for about a week or two we lost that security. Now with the security system here we are very happy."

If you know who the person in the surveillance video is, take action and call the Virginia Beach Fire Marshall’s Office.

Virginia Beach-based Coast Guard Cutter seizes over 8,000 pounds of cocaine

PACIFIC OCEAN -04.08.2017 (Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua Canup)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The crew of the Cutter Dependable returned home Thursday after a two-month patrol in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

The Coast Guard said during the patrol the crew seized over 8,000 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of $122 million.

The evidence gathered will be used to prosecute 19 suspected smugglers.

In four separate cases, the crew of Dependable pursued five vessels suspected of smuggling narcotics; including several high speed pursuits of go-fast vessels specially fitted to smuggle contraband.

The Virginia Beach-based Dependable is a 210-foot Reliance class medium endurance cutter with a crew complement of 75.

They conduct homeland security missions in the offshore waters of the Western Hemisphere from New England to the Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific, the Coast Guard said.

Nearing its 50th year serving America, Dependable and the other 26 aging medium endurance Coast Guard cutters are scheduled to be replaced by new Offshore Patrol Cutters in 2021.